Why hiring a licensed and educated drone operator is important.

Operating drone is becoming more and more regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and as a business professional, you need to know that who you hire as a drone operator can affect your business in many ways. For example, did you know that nearly all of Billings falls within Class C Airspace, requiring a drone flight authorization and Part 107 certification for all commercial uses? Did you know that the FAA classifies commercial drone use as anything that furthers a business? So this means when your friend/relative 'donates' images for your up and coming listing, you and the person who photographed are breaking the law by either not being Part 107 Certified or not getting the appropriate authorization. Another thing to think about - does your drone operator carry insurance? Drones malfunction or accidents happen. RE Creative is licensed, insured, and highly educated to not only protect ourselves, but to protect you too.