Virtual Staging

From this...


Go from a boring, empty room to...

...To this.


...A beautifully furnished room that shows the potential to buyers.

Facts about virtual staging

Increased/Faster Home Sales

Home buyers are more attracted to real estate photos with well-furnised interiors rather than empty spaces.

Give the buyer an idea

For some buyers, its hard to visualize their life in an empty home. By virtually staging, you not only make it attractive but also easy for them to see themselves in the space.

Save Money

While real home staging is the ultimate way to showcase a home, it can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to stage a home. Virtual staging is a much cheaper alternative.

Save time and Effort

Real staging can take a lot of time and effort to setup a home. Virtual staging can be delivered in as little as 24hrs from when the photos are taken.


Virtual Staging is digital renderings of furniture/decorations placed into a photo. Even though they are digit renderings, they are often mistaken for real furniture.